How To Speed Up My Website.

How To Speed Up My Website.

Is your website slow and frustrating clients?

Have you ever even considered the speed to your website?

We know a lot of people shop for web hosting based on price but how important is speed to your business?

With the rise of mobile devices over the last decade speed has became a very important factor to websites of any size. Since 2010, Google has actually been penalizing websites that load slow in their search results.


Move Away From Slow Websites Because Speed Is Everything Now!

If your website loads slowly, how do you expect to gain business from it? A slow website in the long run cost us. I personally Google everything. If I’m shopping for a new pair of shoes or anything we need, I do a quick Google search to get all the details. When a slow website is in the browser i open a new tab to search or I click back and go to the next. Most people are now impatient if the website takes a long time to load and if they can’t get what they are looking for fast, they are gone!


Stuck With A Slow Web Host?

As I mentioned above, a lot of people shop for web hosting based on price. An individual or small business with a simple website may not consider how speed may impact their business. They may feel like just having a website is enough but not place much emphasis on how fast it loads, hence buying the cheapest web hosting package available. Unfortunately the majority of the shared web hosting industry still operate on “old school” dedicated servers with spinning SATA hard drives hence their extremely cheap prices.


We Can Help You.

We’re rapidly growing here at GTG Hosting! What’s the main reason? People want fast, affordable, reliable web hosting in the cloud!  They’re tired of their old-school web host that overloads their “old school” dedicated servers with spinning hard drives and generating slow websites and have long support response times. They’re ready to have their website rescued!


GTG Web Hosting

Over the last year we’ve gained many customers that share the same goal: to have affordable, reliable, and secure web hosting without the hassle.  That’s what we provide. Regardless you’re using our Start UP or our Cloud Virtual Server, GTG Hosting treat’s all of our customers with the respect and attention they deserve!

We realise that sometimes things can be frustrating, especially with web hosting! Our team members have personally seem many “good web hosts” that seem to have forgotten about customer service as they’ve grown into multi-million dollar corporations. GTG Hosting is here to help and hope you will allow us the opportunity to provide you an experience that will allow your business to grow!


GTG Web Hosting Benefits


  • Best Cloud Servers That Money Can Buy – AWS, Digital Ocean, Google, Azure
  • Web Host Manager w/cPanel – Control all of your websites without any coding knowledge
  • Host Unlimited Domains / Accounts – You’re only limited on disk space and bandwidth.
  • MariaDB – Much faster than traditional mySQL
  • LiteSpeed Web Server – 9 times faster than Apache web server (what most web hosts use)
  • Nightly Backups – Sleep sound knowing your data is safe.  You can easily restore through cPanel.

Bonus Features:

  • Cloudflare Integrated with Railgun – If you buy this directly at Cloudflare it’s $200/month.  Free with all accounts at GTG Hosting  Increases load time by 200%.
  • Free & Auto SSL – All domains and subdomains will automatically have SSL certificates installed (https). Cloudflare for example charges $20/month per site.
  • One Click WordPress Install – Login to cPanel, click WordPress, install.  It’s that simple, no FTP program or coding needed.
  • Multiple PHP Versions – Inside of cPanel you can choose which version of PHP you want to use.  You can also install extensions and manage limits from your interface.

Transparent Limits:

  • Disk Space: Allocate from master plan
  • Bandwidth: Allocate from master plan
  • Virtual Memory: 2048MB (2GB)
  • Physical Memory: 1024MB (1GB)
  • Concurrent Connections: 25
  • Number of Processes: 100
  • I/O Limit: 2048KB/s
  • I/O operations per second: 1024
  • Inodes (soft/hard): 100,000 / 250,000

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What happens if I need more limits per cPanel? We handle this on a case-by-case basis.  Sometimes we can upgrade your current package and can always move to a Managed Server (we move all the data, you just have to pay the package difference).
  • Does my site “crash” or go “offline” if I use up my resources? No.  We use Cloudlinux therefore if you go over these limits, visitors will simply see a notice, and then you can upgrade accordingly.  Your site isn’t going to get slow, crash, or go offline.
  • What uptime do you provide? We very rarely go down.
  • Will GTG Hosting allow adult content?  No.
  • Are we allowed to run click trackers (iMobiTrax, Prosper 202, CPV Lab, etc.)?  Yes.  If you hit your limits we can upgrade your account as described above.
  • Do you provide SSH access?  Yes but only with the server packages. For all shared hosting packages, we see it as a major security threat and it’s really not needed for most instances.
  • Can I have a dedicated IP address?  Sure, as long as it’s not for sending SPAM (don’t even try we can spot this).


10/10 Customer Satisfaction

Finally, the best part about us here at GTG Hosting is we want you to be happy with us!  I personally will stay awake at night ensuring all the customers we served the previous day were completely satisfied. Unlike many of the web hosts out there that are constantly concerned about their bottom line, we have your best interest at heart!  We want you, your business, and especially your website to succeed!

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